The Fees payable for each program are printed on the Prospectus.

Tuition Fees may be paid by any one of the following means:

Demand Draft:

Fee payments made through Demand Drafts should be drawn in favour of The BREVITY, payable at Bangalore. Demand Drafts should be checked whether they are complete and proper in respect of Name and the Bank’s branch at which payable, Date of issue and Signature of the Bank’s Officer. Before sending the Demand Draft to the Directorate, students should write the Application No. or Enrollment No. (after it has been allotted), their Name and chosen Program on the back side of the Demand Draft. They should not sign anywhere on the draft.

The Demand Drafts are valid only for a period of three months. Therefore students are advised to prefer Bank Counters available at nearest Study/ Information Centres. Otherwise, Students / Parents having Debit / Credit Cards can use the POS (Card swiping Terminals) available at selected Study / Information centers. (without any additional charges). In case of Demand Draft, Students should send the Demand Draft within ten days from the date of issue by the bank.

Internet (Online) Banking Payments

Students or their parents having Internet Banking facilities or Debit / Credit Card can make payment of fees online by accessing the University website and clicking the Link “Online Fee Payment”. They will be redirected to the Brevity Education Fee payment site at which necessary directions are given. Account holders of the designated Banks providing the service will not be charged any service fee for payment transfers from their internet banking accounts. Payments may also be made through the Internet using Visa / Master Credit / Debit cards. As service charges claimed by Banks do vary, users should check them also.

Credit / Debit Card Payments

Point of sale (Card swiping devices) Terminals have been installed at the Headquarters and all Study Centres and a few Information Centres, in association with ICICI Bank to enable students to make fee payments using their Visa or Master Credit / Debit (ATM) cards.


Fees may also be paid by cash at the Brevity Cash Counter (2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.)

The Administration will not be responsible for cash handed over to Agents or unauthorized persons. Counterfoils of Bank challans and Cash receipts e-payment transaction number should be preserved till the Program completed.

Cheques / Postal Orders / Money orders etc. are not acceptable modes of payments. Fees once paid will not be refunded or adjusted under any circumstances.

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