Lessons and Communications will be sent to the address given by the students in the Application form. If there is any change in their address, it should be intimated to the Directorate immediately with a fee of Rs.500/- by way of Demand Draft. Students are advised to inform the Post Office concerned to redirect the lessons and all other communications to their new address until the change is effected.

Change of Name

Those who wish to have their names changed in the records of the Directorate at the time of admission or during the period of study, must apply for the same along with the Original Gazette notification or an Affidavit certified and recorded by a Notary Public. If the Gazette Notification or the Affidavit is in a language other than English, a certified translation must accompany the request. Such change of name will have only prospective effect.

The requisition for change of name should be made along with a D.D. for Rs.1000/- drawn in favour of BREVITY, Payable at Bangalore.

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