BREVITY stands for concise approach towards our thinking notwithstanding the fact there is no shortcut to success. But the challenge is the labour we put in do not usher in the amount of success that we expect. Why does this happen? Have you ever thought of it? Are you all sure that after the completion of your education from your educational institutes and colleges you will get your dream jobs? Some of you are not sure or confident. Some are over confident that they will. Some are in a doubt. But if you are sure what you are capable of delivering or are very good at and you also know what the world needs and if you have matched these two you will surely get your dream job. This is exactly the work of BREVITY. This is what we do in equipping you with the best of knowledge sets and the skills that are in demand by the market and the industry. To remind you the cost of these courses are not so much as that of the courses prevailing in the market. The main aim of Brevity Education Foundation is to equip you with the best of knowledge and with the cutting edge skills for your life, future and of course your career. So be with brevity as brevity is the soul of wit and it is true for culling out your success story too.

BREVITY essentially means shortness of time. We all know about the brevity of human lives. Our
lives are brief, short lived. As students, the challenge is to cut through the trajectory of time and make things easier for us in terms of money, labour, work and time. Knowledge if you see, we have in plenty. The problem is we aren't aware of it. The reason is we aren't sure of our goals. We have just collected information from the time we learnt the alphabets but very few have learnt the real use of it too at that stage. We mean to say we have all learnt that “A for Apple”. But we haven't learnt the sound that the letter “A” makes. That would have made us more independent in spelling words. But unfortunately that is the bane of our education system. We learnt lot of things but we do not know where it is applied and so where to apply.

This has become the subconscious dead habit with many of us. This way of thinking works subconsciously and we end up gathering degrees and diplomas but many of us fail when there is a need of application. That is why out of hundred students graduating out of the college, 60 to 70 percent has no clue why they have acquired the degree and where they are heading. We are all a part of the system and this makes us another perplexed student passing out of the college just waiting for the chance to fall. In this where is our uniqueness and the strengths that we are born with? Where do you think your individuality lie? This is probably the reason they say that we are not employable. Statistics reveal that 80 percent of the college graduates are not employable in the industry. Do you think it is right? Not at all! All the other 80 percent of the students of the class are more or less equally equipped with the technical skill or the subject knowledge required. But unfortunately they lack the mindset and the practical thinking required to make oneself fit in to the corporate scenario.

That is all about BREVITY as in the nomenclature itself. How do we prepare the mindset and the knowledge in the capsule of how the world wants us to be? It is a way of life. That is what BREVITY stands for and our goal is to equip you quickly for the maximum gain of your career in the shortest possible time. Believe me, it is possible. Just as the fulcrum can lift 200 kg of a load which you can't, this will work as the fulcrum and you will see yourself lifting weights and achieving the success that you always thought was impossible for you. It was always possible.

The reason is we have never looked into the possibilities that is we have never used our practical thinking. Now let's do it and see how secure our future will be. Just follow the BREVITY FREE newsletters and we will try to equip you with what the world wants. You will see you will easily get what you want from the world. Let us begin the exercise. All the best for your career and your work life.

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