Ex- Deputy Registrar, Bangalore University

Shri. K. M. Mahaveppa took reins as the Chief Executive Officer (Academics) of BREVITY in 2015.

Shri Mahaveppa had held the post of the Deputy Registrar in Bangalore University. He has over 40 years of experience and has served in various capacities during his career.


mahadeveppaBREVITY education is a springboard for life. Of course, it is about gaining a professional qualification and a highly prized Certificate, but it is about so much more. As well as the deep knowledge you will gain from your studies, the institution experience helps you thrive as a person, uncovers fresh perspectives and ensures you learn how to learn.

These qualities will help you meet the challenges and make the most of your opportunities throughout your life. As a matter of principle and policy, at BREVITY we foster a love of learning and help our students engage with society as active citizens and independent, flexible thinkers Diversity is the key to creativity Institutions are engines for opportunity precisely because they bring together people with differing views and divergent interests, from a wide range of backgrounds, to work together. Our programs are richly textured arenas where there is much to learn, both inside and outside of the lecture theater.

Exceptional, inclusive facilities in recent years, BREVITY has transformed from a highly respected distance learning business school to a thriving International institution with a flourishing international reputation.

The last year has been marked by a period of dynamic expansion, making BREVITY the fastest growing and one of the best loved institutions for working professional in India, as exceptional, inclusive facilities and inventive courses have opened up new horizons for students.

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